Spreading Kindness for Sawyer

February 19th 2016 marked the worst day of our lives. That’s the day our sweet boy, Sawyer Orion ( Soy ) died, Forever 9.  Instead of focusing on the negative every February 19th, we choose to remember and honor Sawyer in various, amazing ways, random acts of kindness.

While Sawyer was sick, an overwhelming amount of people were very kind to our family. Friends and neighbors took part in meal trains, they sent him cards and gifts, as well as their love, light and prayers. We were, and still are, extremely lucky to have such amazing people in our lives. This day is also a time to thank all those who helped us during his treatment and continue to aid with our grief.

We have vowed to make every February 19th a day full of kindness. We ask that all of Sawyer’s Warriors join us in this effort to spread the word!

Whether it’s February 19th or any other day that you chose to honor Sawyer through kindness, be sure to hashtag #kindforSawyer when you post pictures, videos, updates, etc. on social media. This way anyone can search all the awesome acts being done in Sawyer’s name.

*Pay it forward  . . . pay for the car behind you in the drive thru, bring flowers or make treats to your neighbors/fire or police station, etc.

*Make a donation to an organization


*Be Kind!

Thank you to everyone for your never ending support and love for our family. Now go spread the word and ultimately, spread kindness!

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