A Parent’s Wish List

As a mom whose child was in Palliative Care and then Hospice, I know first hand how you try to make the most of the limited time you have left.  Making memories and recording your time together becomes even more of a priority.

The best advice I was given (by a mother who had already lost her child)-

“There will be plenty of time to grieve when they are gone.”

It’s so true.  Try your best to surround them with love and positive energy, enjoy them.  Make the most of your time, Live Like Soy.


Pictures and Videos– Take as many as possible!  (Google Photos App can help secure them)

Voice recordings– Record your child’s voice . . . talking, reading, singing . . . Happy Birthday messages for siblings?

Prints, Casts or Molds of their hands and feet

Fingerprint charm (necklace, key chain, etc)

Handwriting Samples– Their own name, favorite words, I love you, etc.

Professional Photos- Even if you can’t go on location, a session in your home doing everyday things is awesome

Art Projects- Tracing hands, feet, finger painting . . . any artwork they come up with will be cherished


One of the positives of being home, off treatment is the freedom to do activities your child had to miss out on when going through chemo, being frequently inpatient,  and having low numbers, etc.Obviously several of the ideas below may depend on the limitations your child is experiencing . . . and as I’m sure you’re quite aware, for most, as time passes, the amount they are able to do will become less and less. Make sure to find out what they’d like to do, don’t assume.

Outings to their favorite places- Zoo, Movies, Parks, Athletic Events, Theme Parks, Restaurants, etc.

Party- Whether it’s a birthday party re-do (if hospitalized before), a celebration of life while they are still here, a family get together, this can be a perfect way for friends and family to interact with your child before things decline more (and they or you don’t want visitors).

Wish List- I don’t like a child having a “Bucket List”, but is there anything you know they’d like to do before they pass?  Certain foods they’ve wanted to try? Places they may want to go?